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A new session of the “Business Architecture & Transformation” training course is scheduled in Lyon. It is sponsored by the ADIRA association and by Volvo Group.

Association pour le développement informatique en région Rhône-Alpes



Volvo Group

It follows a session in Paris and another one sponsored by la Française de Jeux (French national lottery), which took place in Vitrolles, near Marseilles, last month.

Française des Jeux





This year, in addition to several on-going strategic moves, we plan to deliver new contents related to:
  • business ethics,
  • performance analysis and improvement,
  • enterprise and IT architecture.
We will soon release the new version of the framework, which will reinforce Praxeme’s status as an enterprise methodology.

You can help our endeavor either by joining or by evangelizing.


Praxeme Symposium

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Don’t waste the crisis!

Do better with less.

The Praxeme Institute is pleased to invite you to its yearly free conference (French-speaking).
This year, the agenda covers business architecture, enterprise transformation and innovation with several concrete illustrations of the Praxeme methods.

Please register on:
till December 15 at 5 p.m.

New material

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In addition to the page dedicated to English material on the Praxeme web site, we can find introductory presentations on:
Bernard HAUZEUR is a freelance consultant who already did a great job in training and spreading the Praxeme methodology.

Official acknowledgement

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The “General Repository for Interoperability” is an official document, validated by the French Parliament and recently signed by the Prime Minister.
It addresses the topic of interoperability and encourages best practices to be shared among public organizations.
This document recommends Praxeme as the appropriate methodology for designing IT systems.
In the wake of this work, the DGME organization (Direction générale de la modernisation de l’Etat) sent a representative who attended the recent session of the College of contributors. On a yearly basis the College of contributors gathers decision-makers who back the initiative for a public method.
So, the publishing of the RGI report is of paramount importance and acknowledges the value of the methodology.

Download the document here:
Page 35 in the document.