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Business Architecture

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Most of the enterprises find themselves  in the process of transforming in order to adjust to their environment and to fulfill their ambitions.

Transforming an object as complex as an enterprise is not an easy task and we face the risks of wastes and missed opportunities, due to misunderstanding, lack of visibility and insufficient coordination of the various specialties.

As a facet of Enterprise Architecture, Business Architecture ranks among the means in our hands that can help to build a better understanding of the enterprise and to drive its transformation.

As a discipline:

Business Architecture is a transformational discipline that translates the strategy and helps to transform the enterprise.

Beyond this tenet, we have to make clear how this discipline interacts with other ones, like strategy, Business Analysis, Enterprise Architecture, organization design, IT…

As an artifact:

A business architecture is a blueprint of the enterprise that covers its business aspects. It shows the implications of the strategic directions in terms of value, organization, processes… Being an architecture, it embraces the whole of the enterprise and considers its long-term evolution.

Business Architecture adds a sense of consistency and economy to the other approaches. By emphasizing the quality of the whole, it compensates the flaws attached to the project mode. This can be said of any type of architecture. Simply, Business Architecture confines this exacting statement to the business aspects. According to the enterprise methodology, these include: semantic, pragmatic and geographic aspects. In addition to these, the Business Architect may be in a position to negotiate with the IT architect: the logical aspect is the best place for that.

(excerpt of “Business Architecture Value Proposal”. This document introduces and promotes the discipline of Business Architecture and its role in the enterprise transformation. )

The picture below summarizes the Business Architecture’s responsibilities against the schema of the Enterprise System Topology (extract from the presentation available on Praxeme web site).

Business Architetcure Responsibilities against the EST