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Taking transformation seriously

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In today’s economic environment characterized by uncertainty and turmoil, most enterprises recognize the pressing need for adaptation. They find themselves under intense pressure from both economic and regulatory constraints and have realized that they cannot neglect any dimension of their own reality: economic, social, technical, institutional and even ethical.


In such a context, enterprise transformation faces many challenges. Besides the usual resistance to change, decision-makers are faced with the difficulty of fostering synergy between the areas of expertise needed to think about the enterprise as a whole, in all its dimensions.


If we are to take up the transformation challenge, we consequently need to adopt an interdisciplinary approach, one which leverages each and every contribution. This is precisely the purpose of the enterprise methodology. Praxeme, an open method, covers every aspect of the enterprise, thus enabling it to assign all players in the transformation chain to their rightful place.  In doing so, it ensures a certain level of mastery in this new transformation and operational logic.

First and foremost, we have to identify the aspects that make up the Enterprise System. This is the purpose of any methodological framework. Such a framework ought to obey several rules, which guarantee its relevance and effectiveness.