What is Praxeme?

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Praxeme is an open method which aims to cover all aspects of the enterprise organisation.

We consider that it is not enough to develop individual expertise and guidelines for each specific area that an enterprise has to deal with — such as strategy, organisation, processes, IT, skills etc. Rather we should look at the bigger picture and provide an overall framework that links the different disciplines. This statement is the starting point for the enterprise methodology.

The initiative for an open method

Many actors share this view. They have joined forces in an effort to take this method forward. For more information, please see the “About” page. The Praxeme Institute, a non-profit making association, coordinates the investments and guarantees the openness of the initiative.

It’s all in the name

“Praxeme”, as a name, comes from two ancient Greek terms:

  • “praxis”, meaning action;
  • “semeion”, meaning significance.

Hence, the motto: “Praxeme, meaning in action”.

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