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The Praxeme Institute has published a document which summarizes its philosophy:

Enterprise Transformation Manifesto

This document is aimed at all the different functions of the enterprise (in the broadest meaning that we give to this term), in particular:

  • executive management, who will find within, a unified discourse and list of principles to guide their transformation programs;
  • communication or marketing directors, for whom signing the manifesto will be seen as a way of affirming certain values of their enterprise;
  • IT directors and more specifically within the IT department, the transversal functions who will appreciate the repositioning of enterprise architecture.

The manifesto will also be of interest to the academic world, calling for of a multidisciplinary approach, around which teaching content can be organized (please refer, in particular, to chapter 7).

Two documents are available to date:

  • the manifesto itself, a list of principles which guide enterprise transformation;
  • the comment on the document made by the Praxeme Institute.

For the enterprises that relate to and see themselves in this text, it offers an opportunity to communicate and affirm their values.

Details regarding the terms and conditions of the endeavor can be found at the end of the manifesto.


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