The majority of companies and organizations are faced with the same difficulties when it comes to the design, development and management of information systems. Rather than trying to overcome these difficulties in any random order and with the use of limited tools, several different companies and organizations got together with the aim of creating an enterprise method available to the general public. These companies include SAGEM, SMABTP, the French Army and the French National Family Funding Office. Other organizations involved in the creation of this public method include consultancy firms, Orchestra Networks, Softeam as well as other large organizations such as Logica and Sun Microsystems.
Praxeme is the result of the joint investment made by all these companies and organizations. It is an enterprise method which can be used to provide solutions to issues that arise in any department within a company, from a company’s strategy through to its software development. Praxeme describes the procedures which could be considered to help design and develop companies, and describes the processes which are necessary for the design and development of information systems. Praxeme also describes the procedures that are involved in the semantic modeling process (business reference model) as well as describing the procedures that are involved in SOA, etc.
The people involved in designing and developing methods believe that the most important quality of a method is that it should be a shared method. This is why the Praxeme method is a shared method. The non-for-profit organization, Praxeme Institute, is the authorized depository for collection of material and is the coordinator of all the work that takes place in relation to the Praxeme method. The Praxeme Institute is also responsible for keeping Praxeme an open source method. The website of the Institute has published all the elements that are included within the Praxeme method.

Site: www.praxeme.org

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